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A Permanent Home
for your Business

I buy and grow great businesses  with the intent of never selling.


As the new, permanent owner, we invest in the business, people and operations

Permanent Home

We are looking to buy and grow small companies with the intent of never selling.

Long-Time Horizon

We aren’t in this to buy a company and flip it. We’re in it for the long haul.  

What We Look For

More than $600K in profit in last 12 months

5+ years of operations

Happy employees with low turnover

High Margin & Growth Potential 

Capy Capital

“Capy” is short for Capybara,  a mammal native to South America that closely resembles a giant guinea pig. In Brazil, where I’m originally from, capybaras are common.

I named my firm Capy Capital to pay homage to my roots and our natural world. Preserving our planet is quite important to me.

My goal is to invest my full efforts into growing a single company while keeping high environmental, social and governance standards. 

The size of capybaras as a species is striking and unexpected – just like my goal is to grow a company into something larger than anyone thought possible.

Let’s work together
on your next chapter